microwave not heating up

Why is My Microwave Not Heating Things Up?

Modern technology has brought us the ease of a full course meal almost instantly, thanks to the microwave.

This kitchen staple can make anything from a hot cup of coffee to enchiladas in a matter of minutes. So, when you head for an easy meal, and find out your microwave doesn’t work, it may feel like your world is crashing down.

Here’s a few quick items to check when your microwave isn’t heating your food up.

Check the Microwave Door Switch

The Microwave Door Switch is a piece in the microwave to stop the oven from running while the door is open.

If this switch is damaged, the microwave may look like it still works with the fan and rotation motor still functioning, but the food won’t warm up. You won’t realize this until you nuked something 2 or 3 times without any luck.

Check the Microwave Diode

If the microwave is running but not heating your food, another possibility is the diode has burnt out.

A diode allows the electrical current to flow in only one direction. If the diode fails, it could mean there is a short, which will allow the current to flow in both directions, or only part way in one direction.

While this is inexpensive and simple to fix, always use caution and unplug the microwave and the capacitor before attempting this repair!

Heating Element is Burned Out

A microwave that doesn’t heat may also have a broken magnetron.

The magnetron is responsible for heat production within the appliance, and a malfunctioning magnetron could blow a fuse, ultimately causing other functions of the microwave to fail.

If you choose to test the magnetron yourself, proceed with caution. Unplug the microwave, remove the cabinet and discharge the high voltage capacitor to protect yourself from electric shock. But to avoid any mishaps, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals.

Call The Experts at Abbey Appliance

Addressing issues with your microwave can be tricky and dangerous if you are unsure of what you are doing.

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