stove works but oven doesn't

Why Did My Oven Stop Working but My Stove Turns On?

Nothing can be more frustrating than turning on your oven, getting ready to cook dinner, and then finding that your oven is still cold.

There are several reasons for this, some you can repair yourself and some which will require you to call your qualified Lee’s Summit appliance repairman from Abbey Appliance. Let’s take a look.

First, Check The Basics

Sometimes, it’s the little things that cause the most frustration. Before you begin inspecting your oven for bigger issues, make sure you’ve checked the following:

  • Is the stove plugged in? Seems simple, but if you’ve done any cleaning or had to move your oven recently, the plug could have become dislodged. Be sure it’s firmly seated in the outlet.
  • If you have a gas stove, is the pilot light on? If not, check your owner’s manual for directions on how to relight it.
  • Also, if you have a new gas range, double check that the gas regulator is in the ON position.

Once you’ve checked the basics, if your oven still isn’t working but your stove is, it’s time to check the oven itself.

CAUTION: Before you check the oven, make sure your stove is off, cooled down, and unplugged.

Heating Element

Most electric ovens have two heating elements: one on top for the broil function, and one on bottom for the bake function. Over time, it’s possible for these elements to wear out or become damaged.

Here are things to look for:

  • Is there a spot on the element that looks different from the rest? It may look blistered, cracked, or simply broken. If you find something like this, replace the element.
  • If one element heats but the other doesn’t, you probably just need to replace the element.
  • If both elements aren’t working, it could be a wiring issue.

If the elements are in decent shape, the next things to check are the wiring and fuses.

Wiring and Fuses

If your range is very old, over time the heat can cause wiring housing to melt, exposing wires. If you see exposed wires anywhere on your stove or oven, it’s best to call a professional.

Blown fuses indicate a problem somewhere else in the oven, such as a short circuit in the wiring or a problem with the control board. A blown fuse could also be the result of a recent power outage or power surge.

You can replace the fuse, but to make sure it doesn’t blow again, you’ll need to find and fix the underlying problem. Different meters can check different systems in the oven. You can buy meters and check systems yourself, but sometimes it’s easier, less expensive, and safer to call a qualified professional.

Electronic Control Board

Another cause of your stove working when your oven doesn’t is the electronic control board in your appliance.

No matter what kind of appliance you have – Kenmore, GE, LG, Whirlpool, or Samsung – there will be an electronic control board. The control board operates the oven safety valve on gas ranges and the bake/broil elements on an electric range.

Because of all the functions electronic control boards manage and the equipment needed to test it, a qualified professional should check this board.

Check with the Qualified Professionals at Abbey Appliance

While there are things you can check and change yourself, it’s best to call a qualified professional like Abbey Appliance for an oven repair. They can accurately diagnose and fix issues like wiring, blown fuses, and electronic control boards, as well as anything else that might be wrong with your stove or oven.

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