should you get your furnace checked every year

Should You Get Your Furnace Checked Every Year?

Is it necessary to do a furnace check annually? Although it may seem redundant, a furnace check-up once a year will help you save time, money, and keep your household safe in the future.

When Should You Get Your Furnace Checked?

Once a year! A furnace check ensures that your furnace has no damage and is functioning at its best.

This furnace tune-up is most helpful when performed prior to the winter months.

A furnace inspection is a preventative measure. It will help ensure safety and warmth throughout the winter. Dig the well before you’re thirsty; have your furnace checked before you’re cold and realizing that you have an issue to fix.

Why Is a Furnace Check Important?

A furnace check ensures that your household is safe and kept warm when you need it!

Maintaining the performance of your furnace also saves you money on future repairs.

When you get a furnace tune-up, your technician will identify any damage or problem that could cause a health or safety hazard in your home.

Here are a few safety hazards that might otherwise go unnoticed with a furnace:

  • Gas leakage, potentially causing carbon monoxide in the home.
  • Loose or broken wires, which are fire hazards.
  • Blockages in the vent system, which put pressure on the furnace and decrease stability.

Getting a furnace repair before the winter weather will save you from sitting in the cold, while you wait for a technician to fix your failed furnace.

It’s also important to note that most furnace warranties do not cover damage caused by improper maintenance; so a yearly furnace check will ensure that your equipment is still covered by your warranty.

What Is Involved in a Furnace Check?

When it comes to furnace checks, the services provided by technicians vary, depending on the business. Here are some things you should make sure are included in your furnace tune-up, in order to maximize the visit:

  • Your technician should check:
    • the vent system for blockages and leaks.
    • the blower access door for a tight seal.
    • the heat exchanger for rust or corrosion.
    • the burners for proper ignition, flame, and flame sense.
    • the wiring and filters for damage.
  • Your technician should also:
    • analyze combustion gases and compare them to the unit specifications.
    • conduct an amp-draw test on the blower motor.

A homeowner can perform a simple check on their furnace for any obvious damage, but to ensure absolute safety and functionality, a furnace check should be performed by a professional with the proper equipment.

What Can I Do as a Homeowner?

Of course, a furnace repair from a professional will go a long way in making sure you are safe and warm in the winter. However, as a homeowner, there are things that you can do throughout the rest of the year to keep your furnace at its best.

Changing your air filter once every three months will ensure proper air flow throughout your home and prevent pressure—and damage—on your furnace.

Investing in a programmable thermostat will also allow you to better control the strain put on your furnace, and will, in turn, save you money.

Schedule a Furnace Check

We know that a yearly furnace inspection can seem like a hassle that can be discarded. That’s why Abbey Appliance offers furnace checks and furnace repairs that are quick and affordable!

We offer same-day service, and with our trucks stocked with repair parts, only one visit is necessary to assess and repair any troubles your furnace may have!

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