how to diagnose furnace problem

How Do You Diagnose a Furnace Problem?

It’s hard to be jolly during the winter months when your home’s temperature feels like Frosty the Snowman lives in the guest room. What’s going on with your furnace?

My Furnace Won’t Start

If your furnace isn’t responding when you change the temperature, there are many things that could be going on behind the scenes.

First, see if there is a quick solution that will do the trick:

  • Check the batteries in your thermostat. (Or if it’s electric or powered through an app, check your wifi).
  • Make sure the thermostat is set to “heat”.
  • See if the furnace switch got turned off accidentally. Be patient, there may be a delay while it turns on.
  • Check the filter in your furnace. If it’s dirty, it will need to be cleaned or replaced. Sometimes newer furnaces have a feature where they automatically shut off until they’re serviced.

If the quick fixes above don’t solve your issue, the problem may lie within the furnace’s main circuit board, which is something an HVAC technician would be happy to help diagnose and solve.

My Furnace Is Only Pushing Out Cold Air

Make sure your furnace is getting adequate power. Move the fan switch from “auto” to “on”. If the fan turns on, at least you know that your furnace is getting power.

If you are getting power to the furnace, check the draft motor to see if it’s blocked. Once it’s cleared, if you’re still having issues, it may need to be replaced. Otherwise, the problem may lie with the gas control or the ignitor, which would also need to be replaced.

My Furnace’s Blower Keeps Blowing

Double check your thermostat again and make sure it’s set to “on” instead of “auto”.

If your thermostat is set correctly, there may instead be a problem with your control board. If the relays are stuck in the closed position, the blower will get a constant supply of electricity and therefore won’t shut off as instructed.

My Furnace’s Air Is Smelly!

If there is a strong smell of gas in your house, immediately leave your home, and call your local gas company or 9-1-1. Do not turn any appliance or light switch on or off and do not light a match or cigarette lighter. Get everyone out of your home until you’re instructed otherwise.

If it’s not gas, just a gross smell, your furnace may simply have a dirty filter. If it’s not that, there may be something more disgusting lodged within – perhaps a deceased animal. Yikes! Call us and we’ll be happy to investigate it for you.

My Furnace Is Making Loud Noises

If you still haven’t checked your filter, you’ll want to do that, as it’s a common reason for many furnace issues. In addition to other concerns, a dirty filter can cause whistling, too! If you hear whistling, this means it’s also time to get your air ducts sealed.

Other causes of noise could be:

  • Furnace cabinet leaks
  • Bad bearings in the draft motor
  • Ductwork that needs to be tightened

Call Us for a Furnace Check Up

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