DIY or Hire an Appliance Repairman: Which is Better?

In today’s modern age, home appliances have a staple role in our day-to-day lives. Appliances create convenience for household tasks like cooking and cleaning. Most households not only own the basics, like a refrigerator and oven, but also dishwashers, washer/dryer machines, food preservers, coffee machines, blenders, etc. We depend on these appliances to prepare and preserve food, heat water, and clean and launder clothes.

So, when one of these appliances has an issue that requires repair, it’s imperative to our daily lives that we get the issue resolved quickly. Our first question may be, “How much is this going to cost?” or, “Can I fix this myself?”

While there can be a few benefits to trying to DIY your own appliance repair, there are far more benefits to hiring a professional.

Access to a Knowledgeable Professional

A service repair person will not only know the ins and outs of your appliance but will also be aware of equipment warranties and if your repair will fall under the warranty guidelines.

Allowing a professional to diagnose and service your appliance will also preserve the manufacturer’s warranty. A professional handyman will also offer a warranty on their own repairs, ensuring replacement or service in the event of another malfunction.

Most equipment and tools required to service appliances can be expensive and particular to the manufacture. A licensed repair person will have all necessary equipment allowing ease of not only repair, but easy and quick diagnosis.

Higher Safety Standards

While it can be tempting to save money by handling your own appliance repair, there is no need to risk your health and safety.

An average of 17% of electrocution fatalities are caused by in-home appliances. Hiring a professional can ensure the repairs are being done to code with the highest safety standards and minimal risk.

Save Money

It can seem ideal to try and save on cost by handling your own appliance repairs. However, over time you may find you’ll have to replace the same part multiple times or eventually the appliance itself.

It can be costly to not only purchase replacement parts but also the tools or equipment needed to work efficiently on the appliance.

Save Time

Doing your own repairs may save you money short term, but it can suck up your time, especially without the experience of a licensed technician. On the surface, a repair might seem easy enough, but once you start pulling your appliance apart and realize you don’t have the necessary tools or parts, it can quickly extend the time your appliance is out of commission.

Hire the Experts at Abbey Appliance for Your Repair Needs

Attempting your own repairs can easily become overcomplicated without the proper knowledge of the appliance and recommended equipment. Hiring a professional technician will save you both time and stress.

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