choosing a refrigerator

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Refrigerator

Have you noticed food in the refrigerator is almost frozen? Has the ice maker stopped making ice? If your refrigerator has some issues, it might be time to make a change.

Here are five questions to help you decide whether to repair your existing unit or buy a new refrigerator.

1. What is the Average Life Span of a Refrigerator?

Refrigerators typically last for 10-20 years.

For refrigerators eight years old or less, it probably makes sense to consider repair before buying a new model. If your refrigerator is 15 years old or more, it may be time to grab the checkbook. If your refrigerator is somewhere in between 8 and 15 years old, then consider how satisfied you are with the unit’s look, performance, and features.

2. Does Your Refrigerator Have the Features You Need?

You’re probably used to the layout and functions of your refrigerator and know where everything is.

Or maybe it has limited space that drives you crazy.

If your refrigerator is functioning properly, isn’t too old, and has sufficient storage, the only reason to purchase a new model is to have access to the latest and greatest features.

There are a plenty of new options ranging from temperature-controlled drawers to built-in speakers. If a new model offers functions you don’t have, at a compelling price, then buying makes sense. When your current unit has the space and features you need, but isn’t running as smoothly as it could be, think about scheduling a repair.

3. How Much Space Do You Have?

Determining how your refrigerator physically fits in your kitchen is an important thing to consider.

When buying a new refrigerator to replace a built-in unit, keep in mind you are limited by the dimensions of cabinets or pantries built around the appliance. This means you’ll have to either find a new model to fit in the space, or rework existing cabinetry.

We recommend always measuring height, counter depth, and width when shopping for a new refrigerator, but don’t forget the extra space needed for opening doors. Side-by-side or top-mounted units are convenient for buyers with limited space and clearance.

4. What is Your Budget?

Budget plays a big role when choosing between repairing or replacing your refrigerator. Depending on the age of your refrigerator, getting an estimate for repair is a great starting point.

If you decide to purchase, choose a more cost-effective model such as a top or bottom-mounted freezer. Side-by-side units are also more affordable than most French Door and built-in options.

Apart from the upfront cost of purchasing a new refrigerator, consider energy efficiency and its effect on your budget. Energy Star certified refrigerators are approximately nine percent more efficient than models that meet the minimum efficiency standard.

This means a 10-year-old refrigerator uses twice the energy of an Energy Star certified appliance.

When deciding to replace or repair, we recommend reviewing past energy bills along with the cost and efficiency of the new appliance. This will help determine if a newer model is worth it, or if an affordable repair today outweighs the benefits of a cheaper energy bill tomorrow.

5. Get a Refrigerator Repair Estimate

Refrigerator repairs range from simple tune-ups to replacement of parts and can extend the life of your appliance.

If you’d like an estimate for repairing your refrigerator, Abbey Appliance can help. Our service call fee can be applied to the cost of your repair, and we offer same day service and a one-year parts and labor warranty. Contact us today.