Are Smart Appliances Worth It

Are Smart Appliances Worth It?

You have probably heard of “smart” electronics that are spreading throughout every home: smart refrigerators, smart washers and dryers, even smart ovens and coffee makers. It seems like all the comforts of our homes keep getting more convenient and technological.

But are smart appliances worth the cost? Do they really make that much of a difference compared to ordinary appliances without the touch screens? What about the cost to repair them?

Our appliance experts at Abbey Appliance break down the real benefits and costs of smart technology so that homeowners can feel empowered to make the best purchases for their daily routines.

What Are Smart Appliances?

The real power of smart appliances lies in their connectivity, which are usually controlled by a smartphone. The ability to power them on and off, change settings and controls, and customize the programming from miles away is the cornerstone of what makes these appliances “smart”.

The most popular smart appliance trends of today can be found in refrigerators, washers and dryers, ovens and stoves.

Benefits of Smart Appliances

Smart appliances offer immense convenience for homeowners. We know that time is money and life can throw unexpected curve balls, so having control over the amenities in your home can make a big difference.

Nowadays, smart appliances take it even further. Did you forget to go grocery shopping? Your smart fridge will take a look at its contents and order your groceries for you. Not sure what’s for dinner? It can also give you a recipe using the ingredients you have in stock.

Washing machines now have the capability to wash specific types of stains from your clothes with the touch of a button. They will remind you when your load is done, when your detergent is getting low, and when you need to clean your dryer vents.

Defrost, bake, broil, and roast your dinners all from the living room couch. Smart ovens offer alerts, customizable cooking settings, a monitoring system, and more, for homeowners that like to cook. These appliances appeal to family homes where parents appreciate the ease of cooking without dedicating hours to the kitchen.

Hesitations With Smart Appliances

It’s incredible what technology has allowed appliances to do and how powerful even the simplest of devices has become. However, there are still a few concerns when it comes to flipping a house into a hub of smart technology.

Acceptance of the New Age

Many homeowners are still hesitant about the power and convenience of smart appliances. The concepts of what they can offer are a bit overwhelming and reaping the benefits of a full smart home would mean a drastic change in lifestyle.

While some homeowners happily accept these conveniences, others feel that the radical shift towards all-knowing appliances is either too intimidating or perhaps just not worth it for their lifestyle. Making coffee, cooking a meal, ordering food, washing your clothes, and cleaning your floors without leaving your bed sounds wonderful, but very unusual.

It will probably take more time for each generation to adjust to the fast pace of technology before smart appliances are the household standard.

High Prices

Although more and more manufacturers are developing their own lines of smart appliances, the market is still small and prices are still above average. This is a significant factor to many homeowners, and why people investing in smart locks and security cameras is more prevalent than those investing in ovens and refrigerators. Within the next few years as technology presses ever forward, however, the cost of smart appliances is expected to decline.

Smart, But Not Perfect

Even with all the bells and whistles, many smart appliances still use the same core technologies as traditional appliances. Which means at one point or another, they’ll likely need repair. And while some repairs may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, others will require a professional’s help.

Abbey Appliance Has You Covered

Whether your home is stocked with smart appliances or not, Abbey Appliance is here to keep your machines working like new! Our focus is on the comfort of our customers and the reliability of their devices, so you can count on us for a quick and affordable appliance repair solution.

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