AC not blowing cold air

Why is My AC Running but Not Blowing Cold Air?

The summer’s sweltering heat is officially here. And there’s nothing worse than coming home to a humid house with a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. While there’s a variety of factors that may cause your AC to break, it’s important to get it fixed sooner rather than later.

Here are some common troubleshoot problems if you find your AC is running but not providing the cool air you need to beat the heat.

Insufficient Airflow

One potential issue that may cause your air conditioner to run but not blow cold air is a dirty air filter. Dust and debris collects and builds up within the filter which blocks air from coming through.

This can easily be fixed by checking the air filter and changing it if it is dirty. If your filter is dirty, it should promptly be replaced.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes, the answer to a malfunctioning air conditioning unit is as simple as checking your thermostat settings. Typically, thermostats will have an “ON” and “AUTO” option for your air conditioner’s fan. When in AUTO mode, your air conditioner turns off once the room reaches your desired temperature setting. However, in ON mode, the fan runs constantly, regardless of what temperature you set the thermostat at.

Before you give the experts at Abbey a call, double check your thermostat to ensure it’s on the proper setting.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a liquid that absorbs the heat from the air in your AC unit. When refrigerant is low, it can’t absorb enough heat to cool the air. Often low refrigerant means a leak is happening somewhere. Signs you are experiencing leaking refrigerant include a hissing sounds and frost buildup on the outside of the unit. Running your AC in this state can cause damage beyond a simple repair, so it’s best to contact the professionals at Abbey Appliance as soon as possible.

Leaky Air Duct

Before cooling rooms, air travels through a series of air ducts. Over time, these air ducts lose insulation and can cause air to leak before ever reaching the room. Signs of a leaky air duct can be stuffy air, low air quality, a dusty home, and ultimately a significant lack of cooling.

If your air conditioning has problematic or leaky ducts, you’re losing money by running it – leaving you with skyrocketing energy bills. Some ductwork can be more complicated to repair, so it’s highly recommended to contact Abbey Appliance to help get your AC up and running in no time.

Need an HVAC Professional to Help with Your Air Conditioner?

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