4 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Home Appliances

4 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Home Appliances

Doing the dishes or washing your clothes may seem like a simple chore. Appliances like refrigerators and ovens are things we use every day without a second thought. However, there are mistakes that people unknowingly make when using their appliances that are damaging and potentially dangerous.

You could be ruining your appliances and causing a safety hazard in your home if you’re unaware of common appliance mistakes. To keep your appliances in peak condition, avoid costly replacements, and maintain a safe home, here are four ways you could be damaging your appliances without even knowing it.

1. You’re Overloading Your Washing Machine

This is one of the most common mistakes for washing machine and dryer appliances. When trying to do laundry, homeowners will overload their machines, which can damage your washer and dryer over time.

Too much laundry in your washing machine not only keeps your clothes from getting as clean as possible, but it puts strain on the motor and damages any sensors the machine has. Too many clothes might also mean you’re using too much detergent, which can cause residue build up, leading to blockages that force water into places it shouldn’t be.

Make sure to check your machine capacity before your next laundry day and weigh your dirty clothes if it seems like a large amount. Also be sure to check your detergent and fabric softener for the recommended amount.

2. You’re Overworking Your Dishwasher

A packed dishwasher can cause wear and tear to the components and lead to overheating. If your machine is overheating—or your dishes are just packed too tightly—then dishes can break, especially delicate glassware. Small pieces of broken dishes can then make their way into the drain pump and other crevices of your machine, causing further damage and hazards.

Don’t believe the dishwasher commercials that show machines cleaning entire meals off of plates and pans! When dishes aren’t scraped and rinsed properly before being placed in your dishwasher, the machine is overloaded and overworked. Bits of food left over can cause the same damage to your system as broken pieces of dishes.

Make sure you’re giving your dishes a good scrape and rinse before putting them into your dishwasher. Also, next time you fill your machine, make sure there is space between all of your dishes, so that the washer isn’t overloaded, and your plates get clean.

3. You’re Leaving Your Oven Dirty

It’s common sense that regular cleaning and maintenance keeps basically everything in better shape. The same idea applies to your oven: how often do you use it, and how often do you clean it?

Your daily kitchen clean-up routine probably involves dishes and countertops more often than your oven. Most homeowners don’t clean out their oven every time they throw in a tray of frozen food. But days—or even months—of kitchen buildup can lead to smoke and fire.

If there is leftover food residue in your oven, the next time you preheat it, those spills can smoke and cause a safety hazard. The burnt food scraps can also permanently damage the inside of your oven if they are too baked-on to remove.

Remember to clean your oven frequently and try to use a drip tray or empty cookie sheet while cooking to easily catch and clean any messes.

4. Your Refrigerator Can’t Breathe

Your refrigerator needs breathing room! Many homeowners make the mistake of blocking refrigerator airflow inside and out, and this causes damage to both the appliance and the food.

To keep your food cold, your refrigerator needs cold air to circulate. If there are too many items in the shelves and drawers, the cold air can’t refrigerate your groceries. Pushing your refrigerator too close to the wall also prevents proper air flow to your appliance, as well as stacking things on top of your fridge.

Improper air circulation puts strain on your appliance and can cause it to malfunction or break. Check your refrigerator and ensure that it has proper breathing room, both inside and out.

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