Top 4 Reasons Not to Avoid Appliance Repairs

Appliances can be found everywhere throughout your home. They work hard cleaning, cooling, heating, and cooking every day to make our lives easier. Appliances are a reliable investment, and they should be protected with proper upkeep and repairs.

Keeping your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, furnace, air conditioner, dish washer, oven, and the like should be a homeowner’s priority.

Here are the top four reasons you shouldn’t avoid appliance repairs:

1. Avoiding Appliance Repairs Can Be Dangerous

Damaged or poorly maintained appliances can be a serious safety hazard in the home.

Almost every appliance uses electricity, heavy metal machinery, or wires. Frayed or damaged wires, rusted equipment, or overloaded circuits can cause fire and other hazards, making your home unsafe. Broken appliances that use water, such as dishwashers and washing machines, can also leak and potentially damaging electrical wires and outlets, or causing harmful mold to grow.

A blocked or broken furnace or blocked air conditioning vents also are fire hazards and can cause unnecessary strain on your equipment.

If the appliances in your home are left damaged, poorly maintained, or installed incorrectly, there are numerous ways for a small inconvenience to become a big health concern.

2. Broken Appliances Drain Your Energy

Every homeowner should be concerned with the energy efficiency of their home. Maintaining a house that is energy-efficient saves you money in energy bills and reduces your carbon footprint.

Did you know your furnace and air conditioning systems are not the only appliances that have an impact on the energy of your home? Your refrigerator, your washing machine cleaning your laundry, and your oven baking sugar cookies – these all contribute to the energy consumption in your home.

A damaged machine, old parts, or improper maintenance can increase your energy consumption unnecessarily. To get a thorough breakdown of your home’s energy consumption and the efficiency of your appliances, contact an expert appliance repair service like Abbey Appliance.

3. Broken Appliances Can Be a Major Inconvenience

As the saying goes, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Homeowners rely on appliances more than they realize, and when one is temporarily out of service, it can be a major inconvenience in their daily schedule.

Although appliance repairs take time, our expert technicians at Abbey Appliance make the process as painless as possible. Our trucks are stocked with parts and professional equipment so we can assess and fix your appliances in one trip! Our repairs are also backed by our one-year Trusted Warranty, so you know your appliances are in good hands all year round.

All things considered, it will cost less time and money to repair your appliances preemptively than it would to wait for a problem, forcing you to adjust your home and routine around broken machines.

4. Broken Appliances Lead to Costly Replacements

Although it may seem like it, appliances usually don’t completely break down out of nowhere. Appliance malfunctions usually start with smaller, frequent problems.

Repairing your appliances as soon as possible increases the lifespan of your equipment and decreases the chances of a complete replacement, therefore saving you money.

Using an appliance that has suspicious, yet minor issues can cause permanent damage that goes beyond repairs. Letting a broken appliance sit idle—even without use—can also cause future repairs to be impossible.

When your appliance gives warning signs of failure or breaks down completely, call a trusted appliance company to save money on costly future repairs and replacements.

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