4 common dryer issues

4 Common Dryer Problems and How to Fix Them

Issues with appliances are never convenient and can turn a simple task into a complicated mess. When you’re in the middle of laundry and the dryer goes out, it can leave you anything but high and dry!

Here are the 4 most common dryer problems owners experience:

1. The Dryer Won’t Turn on or Start

If your dryer won’t start, the easiest thing to check is the power source. Use a multimeter to check the voltage at the outlet to ensure that electricity is reaching your dryer. If that’s the issue, check your home’s breakers to see if any have been tripped.

Next, if no breakers have been tripped, there may be an issue with the thermal fuse, which is likely due to a clogged dryer vent. Dryer vents protect your dryer from overheating and will cause issues for the thermal fuse if they’re clogged. These should be emptied between each load of laundry to prevent overheating.

The door switch to your dryer also can prevent the dryer from starting. Lint buildup and other debris can collect at the door switch and prevent the door from shutting entirely and engaging the switch. To test this issue, simply clean around the area or replace the switch.

2. The Dryer Isn’t Getting Warm

If your dryer is electric, you can use your multimeter tool to test the heating element to ensure there are no breaks in the electrical path. The reading of the heating element should be about 15 ohms. If there is no measure of continuity from the meter, you will likely need to replace the dryer heating element.

If your unit is gas, you can use the multimeter tool again to check for continuity of power. This issue for the gas dryer is likely caused by a faulty thermal fuse. The ventilations can be blocked or clogged and overload the machine.

3. The Dryer Is Not Spinning

Now, let’s say the dryer starts but the drum won’t turn. In this case, you may have an issue with a worn drum bearing or faulty dryer belt.

Remove the dryer belt and turning the drum manually to troubleshoot. If the drum won’t spin, you most likely need to replace the bearing.

If you can hear the dryer motor running, even though the drum doesn’t turn, it may indicate an issue with the drive belt. To verify, unplug the dryer and check the drive belt. If the belt is broken, it will have to be replaced.

4. The Dryer Is Making Unusual Noises

When you hear the dryer make suspicious or unusual noises, there are a few parts to check.

Squeaking is likely due to an issue with the idler pulley, which puts tension on the drum belt to prevent it from slipping. Friction build-up over time will cause the pulley to wear out and may be the culprit for the squeaky noise.

If the noise is more of a grinding, it may be an issue with the drum support bearing. Like the pulley, the bearing can wear out over time and result in the grinding noise.

To verify this issue, unplug the dryer and remove the front panel and belt. Turn the drum by hand. If it resists and makes the grinding noise, you know the issue will be with the bearing, and it’s time to replace it.

Ready for Professional Dryer Repair Services?

Troubleshooting your dryer issues can be frustrating and time-consuming. There’s never a convenient time to be without your dryer. While these dryer issues are quite common, keep in mind that repairing them yourself can be dangerous or cost you more in the long run.

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